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String Combiner Box
  • String Combiner BoxString Combiner Box
  • String Combiner BoxString Combiner Box
  • String Combiner BoxString Combiner Box
  • String Combiner BoxString Combiner Box

String Combiner Box

We cordially invite you to visit our factory and purchase our popular string combiner box at a competitive price without compromising on quality. We are excited and optimistic about collaborating with you. China ICHYTI has introduced advanced manufacturing facilities and perfect testing facilities, established a technology research and development team, followed the scientific production process and strict quality management system.

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Product Description

China ICHYTI Wholesale string combiner box Made in China the rated current of electrostatic fuses, circuit breakers, and load isolation switches has been updated to accommodate different types of solar modules, including monocrystalline silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar modules, and thin film solar modules.


ICHYTI string combiner box Parameter (Specification)

Solar PV DC 1 in 1 out Combiner Box

Rated voltage of photovoltaic system

DC 600V&1000V

Max input amp for each string


Input strings


Number of output strings


Waterproof grade ip65/ Lighting protection

Category of test

II grade protection

Nominal discharge amp


Max discharge amp


Volt protection level


SPD Max operation voltage

DC 600V&1000V



Structure characteristic

Plug push module




Protection grade


Output switch

DC circuit breaker&DC isolation switch

Solar connector


Box material


Installation method

Wall mounting type

Operating temperature


Installation: indoors/outdoors




Mechanical parameter


200*155*95 ■ 215*210*100■ 212*207*118


ICHYTI string combiner box Feature

Users can use photovoltaic cells of the same specifications and connect them one by one to form photovoltaic series connection. Then, by connecting multiple photovoltaics in series to the lightning protection box of the PVB series photovoltaic combiner, they can be collected in the photovoltaic lightning protection combiner box. 

In this box, lightning arresters and circuit breakers can control the output and transmit energy to the photovoltaic inverter, thus forming a complete photovoltaic power generation system. This method simplifies system wiring, improves system security, and provides customers with safe, simple, aesthetically pleasing and practical photovoltaic system products.


ICHYTI string combiner box Details

String Combiner Box


ICHYTI string combiner box Dimensions and wiring

String Combiner Box

ICHYTI string combiner box FAQ

Q: What is the advantage of combiner box?

A: CHYT combiner box is a cost-effective solution that simplifies cable management and reduces material and labor expenses, as it consolidates multiple cables that connect to the inverter. Additionally, installing a combiner box provides an extra layer of protection against overvoltage and overcurrent, which safeguards the inverter from potential damages.

Q: What does a DC combiner do?

A: CHYT DC Combiner is a tool that is utilized in photovoltaic source circuits and photovoltaic output circuits to merge multiple direct current circuit inputs and produce a single direct current circuit output.

Q: What is the difference between AC and DC combiner box?

A: The DC combiner box allows for the integration of multiple PV strings and panels, resulting in several input options, and can distribute the collected current to several inverters, creating numerous output possibilities. Conversely, the AC combiner box has only one extra output. The core function of the combiner box is to collect the current.


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