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Pv String Combiner Box
  • Pv String Combiner BoxPv String Combiner Box
  • Pv String Combiner BoxPv String Combiner Box
  • Pv String Combiner BoxPv String Combiner Box
  • Pv String Combiner BoxPv String Combiner Box

Pv String Combiner Box

Rest assured that you can buy a customized pv string combiner box from us. ICHYTI are eager to collaborate with you, so please don't hesitate to inquire about our products. We will promptly respond and provide you with any further information you require. In addition, China ICHYTI passed the quality system certification, CE certification of EU. China ICHYTI also has owned 4 national patent certificates.

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Product Description

In solar power generation systems, China suppliers ICHYTI pv string combiner box Price List are important equipment for connecting solar panels and inverters. It plays the role of stringing multiple photovoltaic panels into a DC bus, while monitoring and controlling parameters such as current, voltage, and temperature.


ICHYTI pv string combiner box Parameter (Specification)

Solar PV DC 1 in 1 out Combiner Box

Rated voltage of photovoltaic system

DC 600V&1000V

Max input amp for each string


Input strings


Number of output strings


Waterproof grade ip65/ Lighting protection

Category of test

II grade protection

Nominal discharge amp


Max discharge amp


Volt protection level


SPD Max operation voltage

DC 600V&1000V



Structure characteristic

Plug push module




Protection grade


Output switch

DC circuit breaker&DC isolation switch

Solar connector


Box material


Installation method

Wall mounting type

Operating temperature


Installation: indoors/outdoors




Mechanical parameter


200*155*95 ■ 215*210*100■ 212*207*118


ICHYTI pv string combiner box Feature

 General tools that are convenient for processing can be used for production

 Materials with excellent cost-effectiveness that can adapt to harsh environments

 Upgrade the locking system

 Non conductivity

 The box is made of cold rolled steel and other metal materials

 Use DC fuses and lightning protection modules specifically designed for photovoltaic systems


ICHYTI pv string combiner box Details

Pv String Combiner Box


ICHYTI pv string combiner box Dimensions and wiring

Pv String Combiner Box

ICHYTI pv string combiner box FAQ

Q: Do I need a PV combiner box?

A: In a regular household setting, a combiner box is not required since only a few strings, typically 1 to 3, are utilized and these are directly linked to the inverter. However, for larger institutions or facilities using 4 to 4000 strings, the presence of a combiner box becomes indispensable.

Q: What is a PV combiner box?

A: CHYT PV combiner box is a distribution box designed specifically for managing DC power inputs from solar panels in a solar energy system. The box houses DC breakers and is responsible for combining several DC inputs from the panels into a single DC output. This output is then channeled to a charge controller or inverter, depending on the system configuration.

Q: What is the voltage of PV combiner box?

A: CHYT PV combiner box is typically rated for a maximum voltage of 1000V, which is sufficient for many projects. However, some individuals may have unique needs for combining solar panels with varying voltages.


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