Solar Surge Protection
  • Solar Surge ProtectionSolar Surge Protection
  • Solar Surge ProtectionSolar Surge Protection
  • Solar Surge ProtectionSolar Surge Protection
  • Solar Surge ProtectionSolar Surge Protection

Solar Surge Protection

You can rest assured to buy customized solar surge protection from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time! China ICHYTI has successfully developed and produced various industrial electrical products, including: circuit breakers( MCB, RCBO, RCCB, ELCB, etc. ) , fuses, control units, distribution boxes, AC Contactors.

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Product Description

China suppliers ICHYTI Newest solar surge protection can prevent lightning surge voltage from occurring in photovoltaic power supply systems, requiring parallel installation on the DC network to be protected and providing common and different modes of protection. It is recommended to install surge protection devices at both ends of the DC power line, namely the solar panel side and the inverter converter side. Especially in situations where the wiring is long and the external environment is unstable, it is necessary to use high-energy power overvoltage (MOV) with specific thermal isolation switches and related fault indicators.


ICHYTI solar surge protection Parameter (Specification)

Product Model





Rated Frequency

One port

SPD Category

Combined type

Test Category




Maximum Continuous

Operating Voltage Uc

600VDC 1000VDC



Voltage Protection Level Up(8/20ps)



Nominal Discharge Current ln(8/20ps)

20 kA


Maximum Discharge

Current lmax(8/20ps)

40 kA


Response Time tA



36x90x66                                  54x90x66

Failure Indication

Green: Normal Red: Failure

Sectional Area Of Wires


Installation Method

35mm standard rail

Working Environment



Sheathing Material


Protection Level


Executive Standard

IEC 61643-31

ICHYTI solar surge protection Feature

 Under normal conditions, the indicator window is clearly green; In a fault state, the indicator window will turn noticeably red.

 Each electrode reaches 1500 volts, 1200 volts, 1000 volts, and 500 volts respectively.

 It has the function of prompting for work and module degradation.

 Fully enclosed terminal blocks


ICHYTI solar surge protection Details

Solar Surge Protection


ICHYTI solar surge protection Dimensions and wiring

Solar Surge Protection


ICHYTI solar surge protection FAQ

Q: How long is the product guarantee?

A: We provide an 18-month warranty and have a dedicated department responsible for ensuring the quality of our products. Every single product undergoes 100% inspection to ensure its quality.

Q: What is a PV breaker in solar system?

A: Photovoltaic (PV) systems harness the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity, which is then fed into the electric grid. In the balance of system (BOS), DC circuit breakers safeguard the wiring that links the PV modules to the combiner or inverter, acting as both a protective measure and a means of disconnecting the current flow.

Q: What is a DC circuit breaker?

A: CHYT DC circuit breakers are designed to safeguard DC-powered electrical appliances and incorporate supplementary measures to extinguish arcs. These breakers are a novel technology for most homeowners as the majority of household devices operate on AC power and require AC circuit breakers.


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