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Solar Fuse Connector
  • Solar Fuse ConnectorSolar Fuse Connector
  • Solar Fuse ConnectorSolar Fuse Connector
  • Solar Fuse ConnectorSolar Fuse Connector
  • Solar Fuse ConnectorSolar Fuse Connector

Solar Fuse Connector

To cater to the diverse demands of various markets, ICHYTI develops and tests solar fuse connector. ICHYTI factory Brands and OEM/ODM products have a wide range of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, serving customers in over 60 countries and districts.

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Product Description

China manufacturers ICHYTI Wholesale solar fuse connector Free Sample is designed specifically to protect photovoltaic power generation related equipment, and can prevent damage caused by overcurrent and overvoltage to inverters, combiner boxes, distribution boxes, solar storage equipment, etc. solar fuse connector can stabilize the operation of photovoltaic power plants and reduce unnecessary losses and troubles. solar fuse connector can be used as a panel connector or fuse, making it convenient, safe, and cost-effective to use.


ICHYTI solar fuse connector Parameter (Specification)

Technical Data


Rated Current

10A,15A, 20A, 25A, 30A(According to the FUSE)

Rated Voltage

1000V DC

Test Voltage


Overvoltage Category/Pollution Degree


Contact Resistance Of Plug Connector


Contact Material

Copper, Tin-plated

Insulation Material


Degree Of Protection


Flame Class


Safety Class


Insertion Force/ Withdrawal Force

< 50N/> 50N

Connecting System

Crimp connection

Temperature Range

-40℃- + 85℃


ICHYTI solar fuse connector Feature

 This is a solar photovoltaic fuse holder that can support a DC voltage of up to 1000V and a maximum carrying current of 30A. Fuses play an important protective role.

 The specification of this fuse is 10x38mm, made of copper and of reliable quality.

 The suitable connector type is a solar connector, ensuring the stability and reliability of the connection.

 This product is made of anti-aging material plastic, and the main material is imported PPO/PC, which has strong aging resistance and UV resistance, with a service life of over 25 years.

 The hardware connector adopts high-quality copper and certified standard tin coating, with excellent contact resistance and long service life of the plug-in board.

 It also has IP67 waterproof function, and uses precise mold dimensions to ensure the contact tightness of finished components, ensuring the stability and integrity of plug-in connections.


ICHYTI solar fuse connector Details

 The material is designed specifically for solar energy to ensure optimal performance.

 High waterproof grade IP67 and dustproof design increase the durability and safety of the product.

 Cylindrical fuse, optional 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, and 30A, providing overload and circuit protection.

Solar Fuse Connector


ICHYTI solar fuse connector Dimensions and wiring

 Solar Fuse Connector

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