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Shunt Trip Ac Mccb
  • Shunt Trip Ac MccbShunt Trip Ac Mccb
  • Shunt Trip Ac MccbShunt Trip Ac Mccb
  • Shunt Trip Ac MccbShunt Trip Ac Mccb
  • Shunt Trip Ac MccbShunt Trip Ac Mccb

Shunt Trip Ac Mccb

The following is the introduction of high quality shunt trip ac mccb, hoping to help you better understand shunt trip ac mccb. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future! China ICHYTI can meet various requirements of customers by customization. China ICHYTI can also provide the short delivery time, suitable model selection, specialized installation guidance and other overall after-sales services.

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Product Description

China suppliers ICHYTI shunt trip ac mccb In Stock is suitable for circuits with a rated insulation voltage of 660V, a rated working voltage below 400V, and a rated working current of up to 125A. It is suitable for infrequent switching and infrequent starting of motors. shunt trip ac mccb has overload long delay, inverse time, short circuit short delay, inverse time, instantaneous and undervoltage protection functions. 

Optional residual current protection and phase loss protection functions can effectively protect circuits and power equipment from damage. shunt trip ac mccb has complete and accurate protection characteristics, which can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power outages. In addition, shunt trip ac mccb also has the characteristics of small volume, high breaking capacity, short arc, and vibration resistance.


ICHYTI shunt trip ac mccb Parameter (Specification)

Product Model






Rated Current (A)

32, 40z63, 80, 100, 125

Rated Working Voltage(V)


Rated Insulated Voltage(V)


Limiting Short Circuit

Breaking Capacity(kA)


Operating Short Circuit Breaking Capacity(kA)


Characteristic Curve







ICHYTI shunt trip ac mccb Feature

 Meet the requirements of IEC947-2 specification

 Equipped with arc short circuit function

 Possess anti vibration ability

 Accessories with voltage loss and undervoltage protection function can be connected and installed.


ICHYTI shunt trip ac mccb Details

 Shunt Trip Ac Mccb

ICHYTI  shunt trip ac mccb Dimensions

Shunt Trip Ac Mccb

ICHYTI shunt trip ac mccb FAQ

Q: How do I choose a MCB for DC?

A: To ensure proper selection of a suitable MCB for a DC circuit, it is essential to first determine the total current of the circuit. Once the current is determined, the appropriate MCB can be selected accordingly. It is important to note that the current rating of the MCB should not exceed the cable's current carrying capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully match the MCB's current rating with the cable's capacity to avoid any potential hazards or damages.

Q: What are the advantages of DC circuit breaker?

A: Circuit breakers in DC circuits serve two main purposes: protecting individual loads that operate on DC power, and safeguarding primary circuits such as those found in inverters, solar PV arrays, or battery banks.

Q: What is the capacity of DC MCB?

A: When selecting a DC MCB, it is important to consider the breaking capacity required for the specific application. Residential DC MCBs typically have a breaking capacity of up to six kA, while industrial-grade DC MCBs are designed to handle higher breaking capacities. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the application and select a DC MCB with an appropriate breaking capacity to ensure safe and reliable operation of the circuit.

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