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Electrical 100a Ac Mccb
  • Electrical 100a Ac MccbElectrical 100a Ac Mccb
  • Electrical 100a Ac MccbElectrical 100a Ac Mccb
  • Electrical 100a Ac MccbElectrical 100a Ac Mccb
  • Electrical 100a Ac MccbElectrical 100a Ac Mccb

Electrical 100a Ac Mccb

China ICHYTI Suppliers Concentrates on the research, development and innovation of electrical 100a ac mccb. Meanwhile, it produces different types of solar products which are applicable for the special occasion.

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Product Description

China ICHYTI Customized electrical 100a ac mccb is a new type of product manufactured using advanced international technology. The rated insulation voltage of this circuit breaker is 660V, suitable for 50Hz AC circuits. The rated working voltage is 400V and below, and the rated working current can reach 125A, suitable for infrequent switching and starting of motors. This product has overcurrent short circuit and undervoltage protection devices, which can effectively prevent damage to the circuit and power supply unit.


ICHYTI electrical 100a ac mccb Parameter (Specification)

Product Model






Rated Current (A)

32, 40, 63, 80, 100, 125

Rated Working Voltage(V)


Rated Insulated Voltage(V)


Limiting Short Circuit

Breaking Capacity(kA)


Operating Short Circuit Breaking Capacity(kA)


Characteristic Curve







ICHYTI electrical 100a ac mccb Feature

 This product can be used as an economical circuit breaker, with characteristics such as stable function, reliability, beautiful appearance, small size, and long service life. It is suitable for line switching and motors that do not require frequent starting.

 The circuit breaker has a compact volume.

 Users can choose to install the product on the front and back panel connection line, or add manual or motor operation devices for remote control.

 Its breaking ability is strong.


ICHYTI electrical 100a ac mccb Details

Electrical 100a Ac Mccb


ICHYTI electrical 100a ac mccb Dimensions

Electrical 100a Ac Mccb

ICHYTI electrical 100a ac mccb FAQ

Q: What's the rated current range you can offer?

A: We offer DC MCB from 1A to 125A, and DC MCCB from 63A to 630A.

Q: What's your production capacity of DC MCB?

A: We can make 300,000 pole one month. If you have order plan, feel free to contact me, I will tell you delivery time according to your demand.

Q: Difference between AC MCB and DC MCB?

A: Breaking a DC MCB is more challenging than breaking an AC MCB because AC MCBs use zero-crossing detection to extinguish the arc, while DC MCBs require mechanical interruption or cooling to achieve the same result. Additionally, DC MCBs have a faster opening time than AC MCBs.

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