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High Voltage Dc Contactor
  • High Voltage Dc ContactorHigh Voltage Dc Contactor
  • High Voltage Dc ContactorHigh Voltage Dc Contactor
  • High Voltage Dc ContactorHigh Voltage Dc Contactor
  • High Voltage Dc ContactorHigh Voltage Dc Contactor

High Voltage Dc Contactor

As a leading high voltage dc contactor manufacturer and supplier in China, ICHYTI offers a wide range of high-quality solar electrical components. With years of experience in this industry, we have established a strong reputation for providing cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of customers across Europe. Our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing the support you need to succeed in this competitive market. We invite you to partner with us for the long term, and experience the quality and reliability of our products for yourself.

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Product Description

China suppliers ICHYTI Low Price high voltage dc contactor is suitable for applications with high DC voltage and high current variations. In recent years, in the fields of photovoltaic, energy storage, wind energy, and electric vehicles, products require vacuum cleaning or filling with nitrogen and inert gas for arc extinguishing. In vacuum, with low pressure, there are fewer gas molecules, and the breakdown voltage between contact gaps increases, thereby reducing the possibility of arc formation and achieving the goal of arc extinguishing. Inflated inert gas decomposes and ionizes at high temperatures, possessing the properties of adsorbing free electrons and forming negative ions. Its arc has a lower arc voltage, smaller arc diameter, and smaller thermal inertia of the arc column. These two sealing technologies require high process capability and cannot damage the airtightness of the product throughout its entire lifespan, otherwise the product's lifespan will be greatly shortened.


ICHYTI high voltage dc contactor Parameter (Specification)

Product model



Rated current


Rated voltage


Coil voltage

12V, 24V, etc.


Contact resistance


Export mode

M5 internal thread

Contact form

1 NO


12VDC: 9~16V  24VDC:18~32V


Power waste

12VDC: ≥5.5W  24VDC: ≥6W


Coil resistance

12VDC: 26MΩ  24VDC: 96MΩ


Starting current

12VDC: 0.46A  24VDC: 0.25A







Working environment



5% ~ 95%


ICHYTI high voltage dc contactor Feature

 Special epoxy resin sealing is used to effectively prevent arc leakage.

 The drive coil is designed with no load and can extend its service life.

 Small size, light weight, easy to carry and install.

 Supports 10 disconnects for longer service life.

 High switching power, able to meet the needs of high-power switching.

 Encapsulate inert gas to effectively prevent contact with oxidation and combustion.

 It can withstand a maximum current of 20A under continuous load and has strong durability.

 Able to meet the requirements of special abnormal situations.

 It meets the IP67 protection level and can work normally in harsh environments.


ICHYTI high voltage dc contactor Details

 IP67 protection grade, It can ensure no damage due to water inflow

 Installation category level 3, In the R& D and design of product, extremely safe and reliable components are used, with high level and safe use

 lron nickel plated support, The utility model has the advantages of stronger  bearing capacity, firmer. convenient and simple installation

High Voltage Dc Contactor


ICHYTI high voltage dc contactor Dimensions

High Voltage Dc Contactor

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