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48v Dc Contactor
  • 48v Dc Contactor48v Dc Contactor
  • 48v Dc Contactor48v Dc Contactor
  • 48v Dc Contactor48v Dc Contactor
  • 48v Dc Contactor48v Dc Contactor

48v Dc Contactor

We are pleased to introduce our high-quality 48v dc contactor and hope to provide you with a better understanding of its features and benefits. As a trusted supplier, ICHYTI welcome both new and existing customers to continue to work with us in creating a better future. We hold CE and TUV certifications, and our extensive export experience enables us to serve customers in various markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, America and some European countries. ICHYTI are committed to providing exceptional products and services to meet your needs.

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Product Description

China Factory ICHYTI Customized 48v dc contactor is equipped with a normally open contact, suitable for uninterrupted power supply applications in electric vehicles, telecommunications equipment, construction machinery, automotive batteries, electric forklifts, trains, ships, and electronic control systems. 48v dc contactor is particularly suitable for uninterrupted power switches such as electric forklifts, electric bottle trucks, tractors, excavators, brick machines, cleaning trucks, car air conditioners, communication equipment, and electroplating.


ICHYTI 48v dc contactor Parameter (Specification)

Product Model


Rated voltage

24V, 48V

Contact circuit rated load current


Working system

Continuous or intermittent

Export mode

M8 external thread








・ 25 ℃〜+ 55 ℃



Insulation resistance


Coil power


Coil type

Single coil

Electrical strength

<50Hz/60Hz 1500VAC/1min

ICHYTI 48v dc contactor Selection method

 The type of DC contactor selection should be determined based on the type of load current connected, the size of the load, and the power demand of the load, including DC or AC loads, light, medium, or heavy loads, etc.

 The rated current of the main contact of the DC contactor can be calculated based on the empirical formula IN main contact≥PN motor/(1-1.4) UN motor. If the DC contactor frequently starts, brakes, or reverses the motor, the rated current of the main contact will usually decrease to one level.

 The voltage indicated on the contactor nameplate refers to the rated voltage that the main contact can withstand, rather than the voltage of the coil. When using contactors, it should be ensured that the rated voltage of the main contact is not lower than the rated voltage of the load.

 When selecting the operating frequency, consideration should be given to the number of times the contactor switches on and off per hour. If the switching current is large and the switching frequency is too high, it can cause the contacts to overheat or even melt. Therefore, if the operating frequency exceeds the specified value, a DC contactor with a higher rated current should be selected.

 When the circuit is simple and there are few electrical appliances, the rated voltage of the coil can be directly selected as 380V or 220V. However, when the circuit is complex and the electrical usage time exceeds 5 hours, 24V, 48V, or 110V voltage should be chosen. According to the 1964 international regulations, 36V, 110V, or 127V can also be used as options.


ICHYTI 48v dc contactor Details

48v Dc Contactor


ICHYTI 48v dc contactor Dimensions

48v Dc Contactor

ICHYTI 48v dc contactor FAQ

Q: What is AC vs DC contactor?

A: CHYT AC contactor has a high starting current and can operate at a maximum frequency of 600 cycles per hour, whereas a DC contactor has a maximum operating frequency of around 1200 cycles per hour. A DC contactor employs a magnetic quenching arc, whereas an AC contactor uses a grid arc as an extinguishing device.

Q: How do you use a DC contactor?

A: The operation of the contactor involves energizing the coil with voltage, resulting in the generation of a magnetic field that moves the contacts into the closed position, thereby allowing the circuit to be completed. Conversely, removal of voltage from the coil causes the contacts to move back to the open position, thereby breaking the circuit.

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