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PV DC Circuit Breaker
  • PV DC Circuit BreakerPV DC Circuit Breaker
  • PV DC Circuit BreakerPV DC Circuit Breaker
  • PV DC Circuit BreakerPV DC Circuit Breaker
  • PV DC Circuit BreakerPV DC Circuit Breaker

PV DC Circuit Breaker

ICHYTI Newest pv dc circuit breaker Made in China do not have the ability to switch gears with load, while DC circuit breakers are suitable for situations where voltage requirements are not high and frequent adjustments are not necessary, such as lighting circuits and household appliances.

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Product Description

This China ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker In Stock are suitable for overload and short circuit protection on DC systems, and are suitable for DC equipment and electrical equipment with rated currents below 63A and rated voltages of 300V, 600V, and 1000V. This product is widely used in various fields such as power, postal, transportation, mining, and enterprises, and meets the standards of IEC60898-1 and GB140482. Compared to similar products, this product has the highest rated voltage level.


ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker Parameter (Specification)

Product Model








Frame Current



Rated Current


6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50z63A

Rated Working Voltage





Rated Insulation Voltage



Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage



Breaking Capacity


6 KA

Tripping Characteristic



Tripping Type


Thermal Magnetic

Electrical Life


500 Cycles(63A Frame)


300 Cycles

Mechanical Life


10000 Cycles(63A Frame)


9700 Cycles

Overvoltage Category



Pollution Degree



Ingress Protection


IP40 Wiring Port IP20

Resistance To Humidity And Heat


Class 2

Terminal Capacity


2.5 x 35mm2

Fastening Torque Of Terminals


2.0℃ 3.5Nm

Ambient Temperature



Storage Temperature



Installation Method







ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker Feature

 The front top design makes the handle operation more comfortable and safe;

 The mechanical life exceeds 20000 times, ensuring long-term use;

 Comply with GBT140482, IEC60947-2 standards, EU RoHS environmental requirements, and CCC and CE certifications;

 Suitable for DC systems, especially communication and photovoltaic systems.


ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker Details

PV DC Circuit Breaker


ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker Development difficulties

The development of pv dc circuit breaker faces two main difficulties. Firstly, the DC system current does not naturally cross zero, so mature arc extinguishing technology cannot be used like AC circuit breakers; Secondly, there are a large number of inductive components in the DC system, which store a large amount of energy, increasing the difficulty of breaking DC fault currents.


ICHYTI pv dc circuit breaker Dimensions and wiring

PV DC Circuit Breaker

However, with China's growth has come increasing pressure on natural resources, and supply constraints are beginning to emerge. This has led policymakers to look for ways to protect resources and boost efficiency. China is now investing heavily in green technologies and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, which will help to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, and create new opportunities for growth.

Nevertheless, China's raw material advantage remains a critical factor in its international competitiveness, espousing the growth of new markets and supporting innovation, ultimately contributing to its economic development. As long as policymakers continue to promote sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, this advantage will remain central to China's position as a leading global manufacturer and economic power.

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