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The main characteristics of photovoltaic junction box.


1. Multi-channel solar photovoltaic array can be connected at the same time, with the maximum current of each channel up to 11A, which can meet the needs of different users;

2, equipped with solar photovoltaic DC high voltage lightning protection device, positive pole and negative pole have double lightning protection function;

3, the use of professional DC high voltage circuit breaker, DC voltage value is not less than DC1000V, safe and reliable;

4, lightning counting function, convenient to know the invasion of lightning disaster and frequency;

5, with the working state indicator, easy to observe the working condition;

6, equipped with high voltage resistance DC fuse and circuit breaker a total of two levels of safety protection device;

7. Sensors and monitoring display modules can be configured as required to measure and monitor the current of each channel, and the running status can be recorded and displayed remotely without going to the site (optional);

8, protection level up to IP65, meet the requirements of outdoor installation;

9, simple installation and maintenance, convenient, long service life.

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