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DC MCB For Battery
  • DC MCB For BatteryDC MCB For Battery
  • DC MCB For BatteryDC MCB For Battery
  • DC MCB For BatteryDC MCB For Battery
  • DC MCB For BatteryDC MCB For Battery

DC MCB For Battery

ICHYTI an outstanding company in China dc mcb for battery, a legendary growing company. ICHYTI has great independent ability, with many core technology gain many patents with IS09001: 2008 14000, etc. ICHYTI brand DC products used in photovoltaic system with leading technology in this area, passed CE SAA TUV etc

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Product Description

China Factory ICHYTI Cheap dc mcb for battery is a high breaking capacity circuit breaker suitable for solar photovoltaic systems, capable of withstanding currents ranging from 63A to 125A and voltages up to 1000VDC, in accordance with IECEN60947-2 standard.


ICHYTI dc mcb for battery Parameter (Specification)

Product Model






Rated Current (A)

100, 125

100, 125

80, 100, 125

Rated Voltage (Vdc)




Breaking Capacity(kA)


Characteristic Curve


Working Temperature


Enclosed Class




Electrical Life

Not less than 8000 times

Mechanical Life

Not less than 20000 times


ICHYTI dc mcb for battery Feature

 This product supports a maximum rated current of 125A.

 The product has built-in overload protection and short circuit protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit.

 It complies with the IEC/EN 606947-2 standard and is made of impact resistant and high flame retardant materials to improve the product's service life and safety.

 The contact position is equipped with an indication function to facilitate equipment maintenance and troubleshooting by users.


ICHYTI dc mcb for battery Details

 The full range of contact positions can be visualized to avoid misoperation and more reliable to use

 The power circuit uses T2 copper material: Effectively improve safety Say goodbye to electricity hazards

 Strong flame-retardant nylon material is used in key parts: High temperature resistance Effectively improve safety

 Rapid arc extinguishing system: Safety can't wait

DC MCB For Battery

ICHYTI dc mcb for battery Dimensions and wiring

DC MCB For Battery

ICHYTI dc mcb for battery Working conditions

 The ambient temperature range is -5℃to+40℃, but if the average temperature exceeds+35℃within 24 hours, a special order is required.

 The application medium should not cause an explosion risk, will not corrode metal or damage the insulation layer, and there should be no conductive dust.

 Suitable for environments with a pollution level of 3.

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