3 Phase Ac Spd
  • 3 Phase Ac Spd3 Phase Ac Spd
  • 3 Phase Ac Spd3 Phase Ac Spd
  • 3 Phase Ac Spd3 Phase Ac Spd
  • 3 Phase Ac Spd3 Phase Ac Spd

3 Phase Ac Spd

High quality 3 phase ac spd can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about 3 phase ac spd. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique 3 phase ac spd according to your specific needs. China ICHYTI Brands High degree of cooperation, there is an emergency can be found to solve the problem immediately.

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Product Description

China ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd Made in China is suitable for AC50/60Hz, 380V TN-STN-C-STATIT and other power systems. 3 phase ac spd can be installed on LPZ1 or LPZ2 and LPZ3 connectors, designed according to the standards of IEC61643-1 and GB18802.1. 3 phase ac spd is installed using a standard 35mm guide rail and is equipped with a fault release device. When the SPD malfunctions due to overheating and overcurrent, the fault release device will help separate the electrical equipment from the power supply system and issue an indication signal. Green indicates normal, while red indicates abnormal. When SPD has operating voltage, the module can also be replaced.


ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd Parameter (Specification)

Product Model



1P +N



Rated Frequency

One port

SPD Category

Combined type

Test Category

Class H test

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc




Voltage Protection Level Up(8/20|Js)




Nominal Discharge Current ln(8/20|Js)


Maximum Discharge Current lmax(8/20|Js)


Response Time tA






Failure Indication

Green: Normal Red: Failure

Sectional Area Of Wires


Installation Method

35mm standard rail

Working Environment Temperature

-40℃ ~ + 85℃

Sheathing Material


Protection Level


Executive Standard

IEC 61643-11


ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd Feature

 The LPZ2-3C-D level lightning protection power line can be referred to as a "second level power lightning arrester, third level withstand capacity, and adjustable lightning protection power line".

 The TN-S system can be referred to as a "three wire N-PE protection system".

 The green light is normal, while the red light is abnormal.

 Choosing DIN rail can achieve the effect of saving installation space because of its small size.


ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd Details

3 Phase Ac Spd


ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd Dimensions and wiring

3 Phase Ac Spd


ICHYTI 3 phase ac spd FAQ

Q: Where do you put a DC fuse?

A: It is recommended to position the fuse in close proximity to the positive terminal of the battery. This ensures that the entire circuit will be rendered inoperable in the event of a fuse blowing. In the case where the positive terminal serves as the ground, the fuse should be placed near the negative terminal.

Q: What is your terms of packing?

A: Typically, we use generic cartons to package our merchandise. However, if you have a valid registered patent, we can utilize your branded boxes upon receipt of your authorization letters.

Q: What is the difference between AC fuses and DC fuses?

A: The primary distinction between the AC and DC ratings of a fuse lies in their capacity to interrupt the electrical arcs that occur when the fuse blows. DC arcs are comparatively more difficult to interrupt than AC arcs, necessitating fuses that are rated for lower voltages, frequently 32VDC.


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